Where is the bypass switch? And what is it used for?

The bypass switch is located on the front of your inverter under the plastic cover. This is also called the switchgear panel. To move the bypass switch, simply open the plastic cover and find the 3-position grey bypass switch. It can be placed in three positions: 

UP: If the bypass switch is in the UP position, the back-up circuit will be bypassed. This means that in the event of a blackout, the back-up circuit will not be connected to your Plico system, and you will have no power. If there is a blackout and you want to activate the back-up circuit, simply move the switch to the DOWN position. 

Reasons you may wish to keep the bypass switch UP include an overloading of the back-up circuit, which can cause mini blackouts, and during software updates where the back-up circuit may be switched off momentarily.   

MIDDLE: If the bypass switch is left in the MIDDLE position, the back-up circuit is OFF. The bypass switch should not be left in the MIDDLE position. The MIDDLE position is used to reset the inverter if it goes offline, whereby the switch is moved to the MIDDLE position for five seconds and then returned to either the UP or DOWN position.  

DOWN: If the bypass switch is in the DOWN position, the back-up circuit is engaged. That means that in the event of a blackout, your home will have power from your Plico system to anything on your dedicated back-up circuit. Generally, if you have no issues leaving your bypass switch DOWN, then you should leave it in this position until directed otherwise (during a software/firmware update for example). 

Always remember to close the plastic cover when you are done. The cover should ‘snap’ shut – this helps avoid condensation and water damaging the switchgear panel, as well as discouraging any creepy crawlies from making their home in there!   

Please also refer to the Owner’s Manual for more information.


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