What do I do if my system goes offline?

The most common reasons for losing a connection to the inverter

If your inverter is offline, don't worry - it is likely still working hard, just not connected to the internet.

The most common reasons for losing a connection to the inverter is either lost connection to your home internet router, or that the software controller has been updating and has frozen mid-update. Often this will reset itself overnight, as once the sun hits the panels the system will often 'wake-up' the batteries - so wait until mid-morning and see if the sun helps out!

If it’s still offline, there’s a couple of things to try. Firstly, if your inverter is connected via an ethernet (usually blue) data cable, ensure it is plugged in tight to your router (unplug the cable from your router and replug so you hear a ‘click'). Then try restarting your router and ensure your home wifi is able to connect to the internet.

If this doesn’t work, you can try a fix for a frozen update. You will need to complete a bypass reset on the inverter. Please refer to the below image and/ or video for instructions on how to do this. Note power will be lost momentarily to any circuits connected to the backup side of this inverter, so it's a good idea to shut down PCs first, and/ or to warn other family members.

Refer to the below image, or check out these Simple video instructions

Once you have completed the reset, please wait up to ten minutes for the "Heartbeat" light to start flashing RED. Then you're all connected to the internet again and you're good to go. The picture below shows some details of what the lights should look like.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via support@plicoenergy.com.au