What is an STC?

An STC is a “small-scale technology certificate”.

It is commonly used by solar system providers as a discount or rebate on the cost of a solar system or any other small-scale renewable energy system (think solar hot water, small-scale wind or hydro).

A battery installation by itself will not attract any STCs. However, they can be applied when a battery is installed together with solar panels and inverter. This helps explain why the weekly rate of our Solar Battery Solutions (from $36.90) is similar to our battery-only product, Smart Solar ($29.90). 

Depending on the size of the system you install and where you live, the number of STCs you’re eligible for (and therefore the total amount) will vary. For example, in the Perth Metro area, our standard 6.6kW solar systems will attract  approximately 92 STCs, which at the time of writing is worth approximately $3,300.

But don't worry – all STCs are handled by Plico and the credit is factored into your low weekly payment.

All you have to do is, on the day of installation, sign your STCs over to the local installer and we will do everything else from there.

You can find out more by visiting the Clean Energy Regulator website