What happens to the solar energy I produce?

Plico is about empowering you to produce and use your own energy.

The goal is to consume as much of your own renewable energy as possible, ending your reliance on coal-powered energy. And there are so many benefits of switching to greener energy:

  • Less pressure on the grid, making it more reliable and blackouts less likely
  • Better reliability during peak energy times (5am-9am, 5pm-10pm)
  • Any excess energy can be sold back to Synergy as part of the Renewable Energy Buyback System (REBS) – that’s more money in your pocket!

If you are a household, you are permitted to export excess energy (beyond the capacity of your battery) back into the grid, of which Synergy will pay you 7c per kWh. Unfortunately, businesses are unable to participate in the REBS scheme.