I thought I would save more on my bill?

If your savings aren’t yet what you expected, the first place to investigate is your loads - in particular, when are you using power?

While it’s not a “common” question, we do get enquiries from members who feel they should have saved more on their bill since installing a Plico system.

More generally, there are 3 or 4 things to consider when looking to increase savings from a Plico system:

Are you using more than before?

Sometimes our members get so excited with their new system they (consciously or not) use more power. The Plico system can only produce energy when the sun is shining. The battery simply stores some to use later. In the web portal, the analysis charts, the Renewable Energy Meter and the battery charge % all help indicate how much power you are using, and when. You can compare your current use with your previous use on your Synergy bills. Synergy has a useful link for understanding your bills here:


Time of year:

On average, a Plico system will produce 27 units per day, but due to the sun's angle and the climate, much more is produced in summer than in winter. Winter production may average only 12 units per day, whereas summer can get over 35. Stick with the system for a full year in order to fully assess your savings. There is a blog article here which discusses Winter Plico Performance.

Load timing behaviour:

Related to the first point, try to use heavy load devices like the dishwasher and clothes washer/ dryer, heaters and even ovens 'under' the solar window - that is when the sun is up and shining between say 10am-4pm. Check your charts under the Analysis button and determine if your blue AC power line is often outside the yellow PV power line - this means you are using more than you are producing from your panels. Below is a good example of how load timing can affect usage and bill cost. This member is generating more (196kW) than they use (129 kW) but they are still buying from the grid almost 75% (102kW) of their usage.  Load timing, that is shifting loads to come on during the solar window, will greatly increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their system.

Size of system:

If there is still a lot more energy being used during the solar day than the system can produce (say you've considered the above and changed behaviours and are still using more than 20-24 units per day), it may be worth adding a second system. Give us a call to discuss your options, on 1300 175 426.

If you’ve tried all of the above and are still feeling perplexed, we’re here to help. The best way for us to help is to have a look at your bill. If you could provide by email your last two bills we can have a deeper look at your pre- and post-Plico usage.

Email support@plicoenergy.com.au.

You’re not just saving money – you’re saving the planet! By switching to solar, you’re reducing climate-harming energy usage and contributing to a more sustainable future.


We aim to be as transparent as possible with our members providing the support you need to get the most out of your Plico System. Ideally, this is the start of a 10 year relationship (if you want it to be!). So give it a go - let the system run for a whole round of seasons from summer to winter and back again, alter some behaviours, and have a look at your charts. If you are confused please reach out to us.

We are confident that your savings with Plico over time will far outweigh the initial costs - and as you learn more you will save more.