Is there a Government rebate for batteries?

Currently, there is a misconception that Solar Batteries are too expensive or the technology isn't quite there yet. That's just not true: Battery technology is available now and more affordable than you think. 

Solar panels without a battery is what we like to call ‘Dumb Solar’ – the panels only give you the ability to switch to renewable energy while the sun is up. Simply add a battery and not only can you create and consume energy from the sun, you can STORE it to use after the sun goes down, allowing your household to switch to more than 90% renewable energy. 

At Plico Energy, we aim to make solar batteries affordable for everyday Australians.

We do not believe that there should be any ‘battery rebates’ or ‘battery subsidies’ on offer; rather, we advocate for fair market access and the ability to monetise the batteries on behalf of our Members.

That said, we do take full advantage of the Clean Energy Regulator Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (commonly known as STCs), which are certificates created by each new solar installation. These vary by location, installation date, and solar PV size.

STCs apply equally to a solar-only installation as to solar+battery installations, and are a core component of any solar offer in the market.